Yeni Anıt

 Dignity of Digging, videoloop, 2013

Ferhat Kamil Satıcı, borned in Kilis 1973, live and works in Mardin.  He co-founded “Videoist” a video art initiative with Hulya Ozdemir. He uses the nickname “YeniAnıt”, at art shows.

“Crossing Axis /YeniAnıt/HakanKırdar, M1886, Ankara 2015 / Yeni Anıt/New Colossus: Shattered fingers of a Stone Worker” at 5533 Istanbul, 2009 / ”Yeni Anıt: New Colossus:Grafiti with Gravity” at Kiosk 24 , Herford, Germany, 2007 / Portizmir3 “Its Enough!” Tobacco Ware House  İzmir 2013 / 3rd Çanakkale Bienal “Fictions and Dissentions” Çanakkale 2012 / 1st Mardin Bienal “Abbarakadabra”  Mardin, 2011 /  Machine raum festival for digital culture, Vejle Kunstmuseum,  Danmark, 2011 /  CityScale,Lotringer13,Munich,Germany,2010 /  Relief Valve,George Jones Memorial Farm,U.S.A,2010 / Heyday,Diffusion of İnventions,İstanbul,Turkey,2010 / Public İdea,5533,İstanbul,Turkey,2010 / Two Shadows Of “The Public”:Screen and Space,Depo,İstanbul,Turkey,2010

Yeni Anıt” is translated “New Colossus” from English to Turkish.  It is a book name  mentioned by author Paul Auster’s novel so-called Leviathan.,