The Grumpy Scrievener

The grumpy scrivener is a retired automatic typewriter which has lost its purpose in real life, but found itself transported to a parallel universe where it can complain about trivial subjects. In a system, where the people are evaluated according to their contribution to the companies and the governments, where the emotions, hopes and ideals are totally ignored, a grumpy scrivener waits at the door of the bureaucracy to complain about trivial and absurd subjects, about emotions which are considered as insignificant by the system. The grumpy scrivener looks through the eye of a camera, and evaluates its visitor according to the colors of their attire, makes up stories and writes fantastic petitions to fantastic offices. As an unhappy representative of an antique profession, it types the petitions in a classical way by pressing the buttons one by one. A mechanism which is placed under the typewriter is controlled by a computer. The digital ghost of the grumpy scrivener has revived, and mocks the big and important establishments by typing absurd petitions, which is normally an action to communicate with the bureaucracy.