Serkan Taycan

All that is solid melts into air…[The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx-Friedrich Engels, 1848]; believe or not, fine art pigment print, 38×90 cm, 2015 & with ot without, fine art pigment print, 38×90 cm, 2015

After his studies of engineering, Serkan Taycan completed a master-class on documentary photography at Nordens Fotoskola, Sweden. He completed his MFA degree in Visual Arts at Sabancı University, Istanbul and in Photography at Aalto University, Helsinki. He concentrates on the ever-changing relationship of urban and rural spaces, consequences of these changes, future projections and the people who are affected by these processes of transformation. He works primarily with photography and maps, also engages with walking. His work has been exhibited in various biennials and venues, among which: Venice Architectural Biennial, Istanbul Biennial, Helsinki Photography Biennial, Sinop Biennial and Thessaloniki Photography Biennale as well as St.Petersburg Russian National Centre of Photography, Malmö Museum and Photographic Center Northwest Seattle. Taycan is a member of RecCollective. He lives and works in Istanbul.