One window for seeing / One window for hearing

Women, in every era of the history, have been the most eminent target of the sovereignty made by the government and the society. Individual and communal interests when combined with cultural ties have introduced various roles for women; and thus leaving no choice for her but to submit to the created structure.

This project is focusing on the women living inside and outside of Iran and their experiences of being a “woman” and an “Iranian”.

Iran is considered as a starting point for this project. The project hopes to create an environment where women from all over the world will be able to communicate through their mutual problems and emotions. Furthermore, in light of this project Iranian women will find the chance to get in touch with women living in different countries all-over the world.

The direct contact method preferred in the project is intended to let the participants express themselves first-hand, freely and effectively. This will also make it possible to capture the reality of the subjects expressed by the participants.

Accordingly we have asked Iranian women living inside the country or those who have immigrated or the second generation of immigrants currently living in different parts of the world the following questions:

– how do you feel about being a woman in Iran? In the country that you currently reside in, how does it feel to be a female Iranian immigrant?

– If you are a working woman, what are your thoughts about womanhood in the place you work?

What is your massage for women living around the world as an Iranian woman?

The answers will be given in the form of a video captured by the person themselves (sort of a selfie video); these videos will be applied on a world map which will then get played by clicking on the specific country on the map by the viewer.