The Mediterranean has become the deadliest of the migration routes around the globe. The UNHCR headcount for asylum seekers –men, women and infants- in the first half of 2015 alone is 60.000 in a report dated May 6, 2015. The same document announces more than 1,800 have ‘perished’ in the attempt to reach Europe. While it is not commonplace to hear 1,800 Germans or Swedes perishing –for that would be a catastrophe or genocide- a medley of Africans and Middle Easterners and others dying in the Mediterranean is a daily occurrence often out of sight. European Union’s migration programs receiving cutbacks in the face of a growing number of asylum seekers only deepens the crisis often handled in terms of deterring migrants from entering the EU zones.

While statistics and dire photographs of capsized boats or corpses floating on water abound, the labor and technology involved in the journey of refugees hardly make headlines. The economy –accounted and unaccounted for- revolving around human trafficking, border security costs, EU programs, individual and community assistance is often overlooked. Safety and livelihood of migrants and asylum seekers are almost always an afterthought to the ‘threat’ they pose to Europe. In this respect technology serves as a surveillance mechanism for border control and survival tool for asylum seekers.

A hackathon of a subversive videogame creation that is inspired by the journey of asylum seekers. This may include real-life scenarios, role play (nations, border guards, EU authorities, asylum seekers, smugglers and others) etc.


7 OCT 2015 10:00 – 8 OCT 2015 18:00 /// SANTRAL İSTANBUL

links to games created during the jam: