Dilan Bozyel, NAZEN – نازي, digital print, 2015

1985 born in Diyarbakır, lives and works between Diyarbakır and Istanbul. She started her photography life in 2007 with her two artworks that stand against of the fashion industry at International Fashion Film Festival (Istanbul). Then, here are the names of some group andcollective exhibitions that the artist had artworks in them; Photomonth Photofair (London-2008), Anti-Nuclear Art (İstanbul & İzmir-2008), Explicit (2009, KargartIstanbul), Subliminal (2010- 6:45Istanbul), Body and Forms (2011-AsmaSanat, Istanbul), PaperGirl(2011 – Istanbul), Exhibition As Animal (2011- Milk Gallery Istanbul), Child Brides / My Daddy Doesn’t Love Me (Istanbul Haliç Kongre Merkezi– Barış İçin Bilim Konferansı), Child Brides / My Daddy Doesn’t Love Me (The BrickLane Gallery, Londra 2012), İzmir ArtLandsContemporary Photography (2013, İzmir), Yakın Menzil -Close Quarters (İstanbul Modern Sanat Müzesi, 2013), Tomorrow All Alone (MixerArts, 2014), Gobsmacked (Gallery İlayda, 2015); she has two concept solo exhibitions as “Wet Poem” (La Boom, 2014), “Dichomoty Of Past and Future” (Archive, 2014). And lastly, she made a video installation called ‘MiddleDaughter of Sahmeran‘ that shown at the 3rd Mardin Biennial.