Deniz Yılmaz

Is it the citizens robot? Human rights, animal rights still applied, the size of satisfied global agent, who will design the robot rights and to defend? Robots, they will fight them to achieve their rights or to defend the rights of the robot as do people in the animal rights? You might think that it is premature to discuss this issue yet but visionary artists in our state has already begun to look for ways to respond to these questions. Art and technology festival is an entertaining Bag Akbayır issues we know Amber bureaucratic, legal and ethical concerns have developed an approach that managed to beat in one fell swoop: a poem that you are a robot summer, a newspaper, “My country’s poets” is published in the corner, he is a citizen of the robot homeland there will be.

Bager Akbay, the idea of ​​movement by sea Yilmaz is a Turkish poems robot programs. Robot homeland poet, is reviewing located poems in a poetry anthology, explores the relationship between the words and use these relationships in their poetry.