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amberFestival is the first and only festival in the field of Art and Technology organized in Istanbul, since its inception in 2007.

amberFestival aims at fostering new forms of artistic expression through the possibilities of new technologies. amberFestival promotes new technologies in art.

amberFestival consists of exhibitions of interactive installations, stage performances, artists presentations, seminars and workshops, through out which amberFestival creates a platform for artistic exchange and collaborations.

amberFestival targets a wide range of audience and participants including artists, art students, academics, art followers, youth and children, in short everybody who can and cannot use new technologies in their daily life. amberFestival intends for extending the audience of the art and technology field as well as for developing new audience for art through the technology component it has. amberFestival also foster to change the young generations’ perception of technology from consumption to creation.


amberFestival invites the artists, researchers and its audience on the common agenda of art and technology with its selected theme every year. Especially amberConference creates a rich platform for discussions in the context of art, science and technology. amberFestival intends for creating public debates and fostering intellectual productions in the field.

amberFestival issues two calls on the theme for the artworks and papers, the selected ones among the submissions are presented in the festival and conference.


amberFestival ACTIVITIES:

Exhibition of Interactive Installations: amberFestival exhibits interactive artworks from EU Countries and other parts of the world to bring the current state of artistic trends and approaches in the field of art and technology. Local artist are also introduced to the international art scene. Exhibitions are designed to present the wide and rich characteristics of the field to the audience.

Stage Performances: amberFestival presents interactive stage performances which are utilizing new technologies as expressive tools. Dance performances, audio visual shows are among those type of performances.

Artist Presentations: Artists’ presentations take place in the main exhibition venue, everyday during the festival. Artists share their works, working methods and artistic approaches with the audience, especially with the young artists and art students.

Workshops: The workshops are inevitable part of the exhibition since it provides a wide platform to transfer the ideas, knowledge and experiences of the artists to the young and interested people. Workshops are also a policy to initiate new collaborations among the participants as well as artists. The target groups of the workshops are three fold: the artists, designers and art and design students, the children and the people who have any previous art practice. Separate workshops are designed for each group.

For the Children: amberFestival gives a special care for the participation of the children to the festival. Beside the workshops which are targeting children, audio-visual dance and theatre performances for children are also presented. Guided tours are organized for the children that are brought by agreed institutions.

amberConference: amberConference is the academic discussion and dissemination platform of the festival for the ideas and works.

Seminars: Seminars are the opportunities to learn and discuss about several topics and take advantage of artists’ knowledge and experiences. Seminars are also less formal and topic wise free comparing the conference panels.

Parties: amberFestival organizes parties to bring the artists as well as the audience together in an informal social atmosphere to stimulate communication.

GameJam: In the company with researchers, instructors and developers, GameJam aims to introduce participants to video game industry and encourage them to develop their own games with a 2-day workshop, exhibition and symposium.



The developments of the new technologies in several fields have a huge impact on the artistic practices as well as on art education in European Countries. Young generations in Turkey follow Europe and try to learn from the Western experiences. Considering the developments in the conjunction of art/design and technology in the European Countries and the increasing number of young and educated people in Turkey, BIS sees a huge need and potential for making the convergence of art and technology in Turkey accessible wider.

amberFestival intents for making this trend visible, introducing the European examples from the field to the Turkish audience, creating a networking platform for Turkish and European artists.

In this context amberFestival aims at:

  • Researching the new forms of artistic expression through the possibilities of new technologies
  • Networking Turkey with European Countries in the field of art and technology
  • promoting the artistic research, creation and production that utilize new technologies
  • Promoting the creative use of new technologies and creating public awareness
  • Presenting the artworks that are created in the intersection of art and new technologies, to the Turkish audience
  • Creating international visibility for young Turkish artists and Turkish art and technology scene
  • Creating a networking platform for Turkish artists, researchers and art technicians
  • Creating a platform for exchange of experience and knowledge
  • Creating a platform for artistic collaborations.


İSTANBUL and amberFestival

amberFestivals objective is to be a creative node in Istanbul which connects the art and technology community in Turkey to European artists and institutions. Istanbul is known with its historical and traditional values although it has a wide contemporary face as well. amberFestival reflects this contemporary face of Istanbul in the junction of art and new technologies.

As a multi-layered and a multi-cultural city, Istanbul is a wide and open platform for cultural exchanges collaborative projects. amberFestival provides a practical possibility to bring European artists, art technicians and cultural managers together with Turkish counterparts in Istanbul to create further collaborations on future projects. Istanbul is also a stimulating base for experimental and creative projects with its multi-layered and multi-cultural characters, which European artists eager to experience.



amberFestival intends to ctreate a new audience for the arts by targeting the people who are interested in new technologies.

The audience of amberFestival consists of contemporary art followers, artists, designers, art and design students, technology professionals, and educated young generation in general. This group covers the audience of IKSV festivals, Istanbul Bienial, Restfest, IF Istanbul and similar events.

On the other hand amberFestival intents to create a new audience for the art by attracting the attention of people who are interested in the technical issues but not art. The futuristic aspects of amberFestival also give inspiration to many people.



amberFestival emphasize the impact of the new technologies which changes the world and the every day life of people by utilizing the tools and language of art. amberFestival opens up a new public debate with its theme and all the festival activities around the theme.

amberFestival gives a special importance to make the art widely accessible and appreciated by different social groups publicly. amberFestival believes that the art is a powerful tool to make the new technologies accessible as well and to change the peoples’ perception of the technology from consumerism to innovation and creativity.

amberFestival created and produced by BIS (Body Process Arts Association), İstanbul


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