Audiovisual Performance / NOHlab & Eser Karaca & Osman Koç & NOS

The Eser Karaca’s audio experience is going to become audio-visual with a realtime visual generator software “NOS” developed by NOHlab and Osman Koç.
NOS is going to turn the video production into a performance while it makes the realtime audio analysis a part of the visual calculations and it will enable to perceive audio and video as a whole.
Nohlab ( Deniz Kader & Candaş Şişman ) – Visual direction and performance
Osman Koç – Creative coding 
and performance
Eser Karaca – Digital Music Composition
Visualisation with NOS Visual Engine
NOHlab is a studio founded and directed by two experienced creative partners: Deniz Kader & Candaş Şişman, focused on Art Direction, Experience Design, Animation, Audiovisual Performance and New Media.
Osman Koç is an engineer/artist based in Istanbul and the co-founder of Iskele47. He seeks different interaction methods for stages and art installations and creates prototypes for art, design and industrial projects alongside with being a technical adviser.

Eser Karaca  is a Istanbul based musician / electronic music artist working in an experimental style producing textured blurry soundcapes with fractured synths floating between form and improvisation. Eser is a self-produced musician rendering hypnotic and atmospheric soundtracks, which look out with half opened eyes, between dream and reality,