Alıntı I

Placement of 350 x 100 x 40 cm, 2015

“Two printing press in the city, a theater, a post office, a church, two schools, a group of barracks, and there was a court administrator of the palace.”

Albertomanguel, gianniguadalupi the “Dictionary of Imaginary Places” in quotes.

“Inthecity, twoprintingoffi think, a theater, a post office, a church, twoschools, a group of barracks, had a courtandthepala of administrator.”

(Albertomanguel, gianniguadalup a) “The Dictionary Of ımaginaryplaces” of thecitatio in.

“They return … right, they turn to the left, ErdUlAr subordinates rifle, shotgun were taken down, engagement, they harm you, they get fired, they changed feet and threw him thirty wand; He left the next day twenty-seven drill bit better and stick to it, stick yiyince ten days later, his colleagues looked at a harikaymışça him. “” Candida OR OPTIMISM ABOVE “(page 14)